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Development of aerosol products

1) Provides total solution on OEM/ODM
After consulting with our customers, we conduct a market research to find best formulation to increase the value of our customer’s brand. Our R&D team specializes in working with our customers to create new formulations or improve on their existing formulations.
Our R&D team also offer optimum propellant and components(can,valve,button,cap) through careful research and test. After all the materials are selected, our laboratory with the latest instrument conduct a performance test and stability test to meet or exceed customer requirements and specifications. Our team is also dedicated to follow regulatory and environmental standards.

2) Commercialization of formulation
Based on formualtion that customer desires to commercialize, GS Chem finds optimum propellant and components (can, valve, button, cap), and perform complete stability testing for commercialization.

3) Development of aerosol components
GS Chem provides design, layout, and manufacturing service for all components such as cap, valve, and button. Outsourcing is also available for better performance and low cost.

Formulation development

1) ) GS Chem has R&D team members specialized in each field to satisfy various customer requirements.
Based on 30 years of experience and know-how on prescription of formulation and development of complete product, GS Chem provides not only aerosol products but also various liquid filling products.

2) With a longtime experience working with global companies like Henkel, SC Johnson, R&D team is able to provide formulation based on GHS standard.

Product analysis

Quasi drug(insecticides) products analysis

Our R&D team has all the resources and analytical laboratories needed to ensure your products meet specification requirements. Based on more than 10 years of professional experience on quasi-drugs like insecticides, we provide superior technological and analytical support to customers like SC Johnson.